The people suffer from Duodenal Ulcer that is caused by bacteria infection known as H.pylori. The treatment of the Duodenal Ulcer is done by acid suppressing medication that would cure it within four to eight weeks time. Apart from it, one week course including the two antibiotics and acid suppressing drug will help in removing this bacterium from body. These medications also help in preventing the bacteria to occur again. The treatment of the Duodenal Ulcer is done by taken the anti-inflammatory drug. To continue with this drug one has to continue with the acid-suppressing medication.

Know your digestion and gut

When food is, consumed then it reaches into oesophagus in the stomach. The stomach digests the food by making acid. Once the food gets mixed properly then it reaches into duodenum (foremost part of the small intestine). The food then mixes well with the enzymes after reaching duodenum and small intestine. The role of enzymes is to break the food so that the body could absorb in easily.

Explanation of Few Terms:

•           Duodenal Ulcer: It is one of the most common forms of peptic ulcer.

•           Peptic inflammation: This inflammation arises due to the stomach acid. It could be either in lower oesophagus or duodenum.

•           Peptic Ulcer: This ulcer also results due to stomach acid. The ulcer could be present were the tissues are exposed or where the guts lining were damaged.

Cause of Duodenal Ulcer

It is a normal stomach behavior to produce an acid that helps in food digestion and killing bacteria. As this acid is corrosive in nature, so it produces some cells along with the duodenum that produces mucus. All together these cells and mucus act as a barrier for the stomach lining. There is always a barrier between the mucus and acid. In the case, when the balanced gets disturbed then it results in damaging the stomach lining that causes Duodenal Ulcer.

This Duodenal Ulcer is caused due to following:

•           The infection is caused by Helicobacter pylari

•           Sometimes anti-inflammatory drugs are also responsible

•           Other reason could be Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, or stress, smoking or drinking are rare causes.

Duodenal Ulcer Symptoms:

•           One of the common symptoms is the pain that appears in upper abdomen.

•           Some other symptoms could be feeling sick, vomiting or swelling.

•           The symptoms that are serious are:

a)         Bleeding Ulcer: This type of ulcer could case life threatening bleed.

b)         Perforation: In this type, duodenum walls get affected by the ulcer.

Test to identify Duodenal Ulcer

•           Endoscopy: This test when performed confirms the Duodenal Ulcer. In test, a thin telescope is passed in the abdomen viewing by doctor.

•           Test for detection of H.pylori bacterium: This test is preformed commonly to find the Duodenal Ulcer.

Duodenal Ulcer Treatment:

1) Acid suppressing medication: The medicine uses is a proton pump inhibitor. It helps in reducing acid.

2) The ulcer that is caused by H. Pylari whose main objective is to clear the infection. It is important to clear the infection fully otherwise it has the chances of returning again.

3) The ulcers that are caused by anti-inflammatory drug needs to be stopped consuming.

Duodenal Ulcer
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