Duodenal Atresia refers to a condition in which a small part of the duodenum has not grown in the right manner. The duodenum results in passing food from the stomach to the small bowel after the digestion. Due to this food and essential nutrients were not passed clearly in to the stomach.

Causes, incidence and risk factors of Duodenal Atresia

Duodenal Atresia causes are still not known by the people yet, but still the cause of the disease was assumed to be due to the embryo’s development that restricts the duodenum to get normally changed.

Duodenal Atresia could be found in more than one in ten thousand live births. Around twenty to thirty percent of the infants have been found to suffer from the Duodenal Atresia. This has also get connection with the defects of other births.

Duodenal Atresia Symptoms

•           Swelling in upper abdominal

•           Have greenish vomiting in excess amount

•           Urination gets absent after few excretions.

•           After few meconium stools, bowel movements become absent.

•           Vomiting continue even if the meal is not taken.

Signs and Tests for Duodenal Atresia

To identify the Duodenal Atresia, an ultrasound is needed to be done that would detect the large amount of fluid present in womb. This condition is known as the polyhydramnios. This ultrasound also helps in finding out the swelling in a baby’s stomach and a part of the duodenum. The esophageal atresia in the absence of the fistula would not let the air enter in the duodenum and stomach. During pregnancy, ultrasound is also done to find out the Duodenal Atresia.

Duodenal Atresia Treatment

The treatment of the duodenal atresia could be done by decompressing the stomach. In this treatment,the fluids have been inserted in the stomach to treat the electrolyte and dehydration abnormalities. To find out the other problems that are inborn anomalies, the treatment have been carried out.

It is important that the surgery should be done to correct the blockage in the duodenum, but it would not arise to any critical condition. The doctors refer to surgery only if any abnormalities have been found. Other problems like Down syndrome need to be treated accordingly.

The duodenal atresia was examined by using the plain radiographs that help in displaying the double bubble appearance. The distal bowel would show the hepatopancreatic ductal anomaly, incomplete membrane or stenosis. At present, to identify the duodenal component, radiography must be done with the patient by keeping them in an erect position.

Duodenal Atresia Prognosis

It is expected that the duodenal atresia could be recovered once the treatment will be done. The condition that remains untreated results to deadly outcome.

Duodenal Atresia Complications

•           Depletions in body fluids

•           Some other birth defects

Sometimes the other problems faced after Duodenal Atresia treatment are:

•           Swelling in mega duodenum

•           Intestines may experience some problems while movement.

•           Reflux of Gastroesophageal

Contacting Health Care Provider

Whenever any health related problems were experienced by the people, then it is important immediately contacting the doctor.

Duodenal Atresia Precaution

There is no such precaution needed to be taken.

Duodenal Atresia
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