Duodenal Polyp formed when the lining of stomach gets swollen and results in forming small bulges. These bulges could even get ulcerous. The symptoms could also be found when these polyp increase in number and gets large in size.

Absence of Symptoms

Duodenal Polyp does not show any of the disease symptoms as said by Mayo Clinic. This is due to the reason of the large size and hardness of polyp. When the size of the polyp is small then it does not show any change in stomach behavior, nor does it affects the stomach functioning. This could even form a sore or lesion.

Pain and Un-comforting

When Duodenal Polyp increases in the size or number, then it start causing problems to the patient. The patient starts suffering from discomfort and pain in the stomach area. As the days proceed, the abdomen becomes hard than the normal one that started developing the sensitivity while touching. A person experience some discomfort in the stomach when the polyp starts growing. Its symptoms could be noticed when people starts vomiting, bleeding, abdominal pain or change in appetite.

Disturbance in digestion

The people who suffer from Duodenal Polyp get vomits after irregular intervals of time also suffer from nausea. This type of the polyp disease would result in causing gases in stomach. There were several health problems that people often suffer from when they suffer from the polyp. The problems are severe among the people who have Duodenal Polyp. This could even become worse when people start both the belching and bloating.

Duodenal Polyp affects the actual stomach lining. There are also some chances of the poly to affect the appetite of the people that would let them experience the fullness sensation other than the normal sensation.


As the Duodenal Polyp is a severe risky disease, it would hampers the heath of the patient badly. When a patient gets polyp that develops into sores or lesions, then the patient would sooner start facing the blood coming in vomiting or stool. As the lesions are hard, it results the stool getting tarry and dark color. This would show that there is internal bleeding caused b the ulcerated polyps affecting the stomach.

Loss of Strength

When patient suffers fromduodenal polyps, then they start losing their strength. This condition mostly arises when the polyps spread to other parts, and it affects the digestive system.

Treatment of Duodenal Polyp

Antibiotic Treatment: When people suffer from Duodenal Polyp then the doctors at first recommend the antibiotic. This affects the growth of the polyp, and contracts it and then it’s disappears. This is a common way of treating the person affected by the Duodenal Polyp. The people need to get proper treatment with complete care.

Surgical Treatment

This treatment is considered when the Duodenal Polyp does not get well after getting treated then the doctor finds the surgical treatment as a useful procedure to cure the Duodenal Polyp. First they find whether they are injurious to health or not and after confirming is they remove it completely.

Duodenal Polyp
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