The duodenal surgery is also known by another name as vertical gastrectomy that is used for the treatment done to lose weight with duodenal switch.

Working of Duodenal Surgery

The duodenal surgery involves one two punches against the body fat. This is performing by merging two surgeries known as malabsortive and restrictive.

The restrictive component used helps in lowering down the size of the stomach. During the treatment, bariatric surgeon would vertically divide the stomach by removing around 85 percent of stomach. The remaining stomach would only be around six ounces or 100 to 150 ml.

The duodenal surgery is a version of another type of surgery known as the biliopancreatic diversion. During the surgery, stomach intact large portion is left behind, so that the food could be passed easily from the stomach to the small intestine.

Number of People Undergone Duodenal Surgery :

In United States, about 20000 duodenal switches have been performed annually.

People Fit for Duodenal Surgery :

After choosing the duodenal surgery, it is important to choose a best technique that would help in loosing weight. This decision is based on different factors.

Those people who have their body mass index that is more than 40 would be liable for the duodenal switch surgery. Those people whole have less BMI but facing the overweight problems could also be the right person for this surgery. The BMI is measured by using the weight and height body fatness.

Considerations before Duodenal Surgery

  • After taking the decisions following things were considered
  • Contact a registered dietician that would help in knowing which right diet is needed to be taken before and after the surgery.
  • Evaluation of complete health by the mental health professional
  • To find out polyps, sores, ulcers and tumors, an upper endoscopy have been done.
  • Pre-operative measures have to be taken about the lungs and heart.
  • It is much advisable to approach medical centers that are well prepared with oncology management consulting services, which often mean they could provide much detailed services in case of further medical complications.

Expectation after Duodenal Surgery
The recovery time varies depending on the parts in which the surgery has been performed. This could be either three to four hours or about three to four weeks.

Those people who have undergone the duodenal surgery require only taking only fluids. After sometime, patient will be able to take solid food.

Duodenal Surgery Risk

Following are the risk involved with the duodenum switch surgery:

  • Blood clots
  • Loss of Blood
  • Infection
  • Fluid discharging
  • Liquid consuming becomes difficult
  • Loss of Life

Advantages of Duodenal Surgery

Duodenal surgery provides with the following advantages that have not been offered by the other weight loss surgery:

  • After the surgery, the stomach has got much large size
  • Ulcers developing risks were reduced
  • Weight loss chances increases.
  • Rapid weight loss
  • The obesity disappears more clearly after the surgery.

Duodenal Surgery Cost

Before going for the surgery, it would be better first finding out what would be the cost of taking this surgery. The patient could also consider the services of the bariatic surgery insurance companies that would not cover the procedure. Average cost of the surgery is $20,000.

Duodenal Surgery
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