Duodenal Switch Surgery type refers to the combination of two things: restrictive and malabsorbtive surgery for weight loss. This surgery has got different names. Doctor performs this surgery to lose the number of calories used and absorbed by the body and food that is suited by the stomach.

Duodenal Switch Surgery involves the development of a medium size stomach by using the small intestine with bypassing. This method has been wisely adopted by the people so that they could lose weight without changing their eating habits. Normally a stomach could hold five to six ounces of food, but after performing the treatment, a stomach could hold around one half to one ounces of food.

Procedure of Duodenal Switch Surgery

Duodenal Switch Surgery has been performed by using the anesthesia in surgery centre or in hospital. A first type of surgery involves laparoscopic procedure in which the surgery is done by making a half inch incision around the stomach area and in the middle of the abdomen.

During Duodenal Switch Surgery, only the duodenum has been separated by the small intestine, whereas the stomach is kept attached with the small intestine. The duodenum is then moved to the bottom part of the small intestine avoiding going through the second and third intestine segments.

According to the surgeon, this surgery is safe that do not cause any leakage in the body areas. The surgery equipments were also successfully withdrawn, and after the surgery, the incisions were properly stitched.

Result of Duodenal Switch Surgery

Duodenal Switch Surgery serves the patients with positive results. Those patients who have followed this surgery were able loss their weight. According to research, around 70% to 80% of the people were successful in loosing their weight after taking this procedure within two years. Such patients need to take medicine involving minerals and vitamins and other nutritional supplements that pateints  have to take throughout their life.

Duodenal Switch Surgery was considered as the effective approach that has helped the people in loosing weight. This surgery was known as the improvement done on the bilopancreatic diversion which is an old procedure. The surgeons suggest that during the surgery preserving the pyloric sphincter would result in closing the stomach bottom part. It helps in increasing the opportunity of food to get fully digested by reducing the vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition levels that also restricts the dumping syndrome after performing the surgery. On the contrary, studies have shown that the two surgeries have no role to be played in the level of malnutrition.

Most of the patients who have taken Duodenal Switch Surgery do not get any successful results. This is due to reason that their stomach could not digest all the food eaten by them. Such people have not changed their lifestyle that is what needed by the bariatric surgery. Those patients who have not considered the restrictive weight loss surgery have been able to take in the large portions of the food that satisfies the patients.

Duodenal Switch Surgery
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