Duodenal Ulcer refers to any type of the wound that grows in the body and slowly keeps on increasing. The stomach ulcers are one of the common types of ulcer that are found in the stomach lining. These are also known as the mucous membrane. There are different types of the Duodenal Ulcer present that are known on the basis of the location and the ulcer causes. Some of the common types of ulcers are known as the Duodenal Ulcer, gastric ulcer and esophageal ulcer. The size of the ulcer ranges 1/8 inch to ¾ inch.

Causes of Duodenal Ulcer:

Duodenal Ulcer needs to be identified at the very first stage before its turns into malignant form. Some of the common causes of duodenal ulcer are as follows:

  • Bad Habits: The most common reason for the Duodenal Ulcer is alcoholic consumption and smoking. This is due to the fact that the nicotine from cigarette mixes well with the alcohols that result in producing stomach acids.
  • Pain Relievers: The pain killers that have been taking in an exceeding amount will results in the stomach ulcer. This affects the lining of duodenal.
  • Stress: The stress is the major factor that results in increasing the cause of the Duodenal Ulcer.

Infections: At the stomach lining, H.pylori bacteria are found that are assumed to be the foremost reason for the Duodenal Ulcer.

A healthy Duodenal Ulcer Diet is required to cure the ulcer.

Duodenal Ulcer Diet

Duodenal Ulcer Diet varies depending on the tolerance level of a patient. There are several types of foods present that suit some person, whereas other person does not gain many benefits from them.

Some of the food items including in Duodenal Ulcer Diet are as under:

  • Grains:  Duodenal Ulcer Diet should definitely include the grains and cereals. The food items like barley, rice, low fat pancakes, English muffins, bagels, pita breads, waffles and French toast must be present in the diet of the Duodenal Ulcer patient.
  • Vegetables and Fruits: Duodenal Ulcer Diet should contain low citrus levels fruits. Fresh fruits should be taking in regular basis. It is important to take only fresh fruits and vegetables that would be helpful for the health.
  • Meat and Dairy Products: Duodenal ulcer diet including non fat food products would get great help in treating the ulcer. Some of food items are low fat yogurt, low fat cottage cheese and plain mild cheese.

Duodenal Ulcer Diet to Avoid·

  • Grain: Food items like granola, roissant rolls, nuts, dry fruits and breads should be stop taking.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits having high citric acid should be avoiding taking. Example: cucumber, corn, rutabagas, green pepper, broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Meat and Dairy Products: High fat dairy products should be avoided like fish, meat and highly seasoned food items.

Duodenal Ulcer Diet Tips:

  • Instead of taking three full meals, take evenly distributed three meals with the three snacks.
  • Sit and eat the meal and also remain seated after eating for an hour.
  • Take low card diet and low at food to avoid Duodenal Ulcer .
Duodenal Ulcer Diet
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